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Add A Natural Link to Your Site


Absolutely NO obscene sites will be accepted

Before you request a natural link, make sure you:

First:  Learn about Natural Links

Second:  How to Write a Natural Link

Now you are ready to request a natural link to your site.  Please note:  we do charge for natural links, a one time permanent fee of $19.00.  But you will receive a full page of content on our server devoted just to your site.

How Do I Get My Natural Link?

STEP ONE:  Write up a natural link using Microsoft Word or Notepad.  If you don't want to do the grunt work, we have a complete package available where we do everything, including writing your natural link in a professional, article format. 

STEP TWO:  Send us a 19.00 one-time permanent listing fee to list your page on our site by clicking the buy now button below

Please note:  this fee is non-refundable, and your page of text will be listed permanently on www.christiehunter.com

STEP THREE:  Choose a category

  1. Sports & Leisure   
  2. Entertainment & Media
  3. Education
  4. Computers & Technology
  5. Internet
  6. Health
  7. Retail & Business
  8. Financial Services
  9. Travel & Hospitality
  10. Industrial & Manufacturing
  11. Consultant / Coaching
  12. Real Estate
  13. Other

STEP FOUR:  Send an email to us at Realm@songwave.com with the subject "natural link".  Your email should contain the title of your page, the site you are promoting, the category you chose above, up to 5 keywords you want us to promote for your page, a brief page description, and the attached file of word text that contains your natural link.

Example of an email:

Subject:  Natural Link

Title:  The Importance of Piano Tuning

Site:  www.barrys-piano-tuning.com

Category:  Entertainment & Media

Keywords:  piano, piano tuning, pianist

Description:  A piano is a fine musical instrument that usually appreciates in value over time.  Tuning your piano is vital to keeping it in its utmost state.

When we get this email, we create a page under entertainment and media that is titled "The Importance of Piano Tuning".  The actual name of the page will be "piano-tuning.htm".  On this page, we will paste the text of your natural link.  Your page will look like an academic essay or magazine article that will naturally point to your site!


We will work with you to post your link.  Usually within 1 business day.  Once your natural link is posted and you are satisfied with it, it will remain on our site permanently for as long as we are on the internet.  Please note that because posting your information takes our time, once it is posted, we will not be able to make changes.  If you later decide you want to change your natural link, we will charge a 10.00 fee for our time in making the changes.  You will need to send a paypal payment for 10.00 to realm@songwave.com along with a note with the URL of your natural link you wish to change.  You will then need to send us an email with the information above, containing the information you need changed.