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Natural Links


What is a natural link?  A natural link is one that is nested within high quality informative text (usually an article) on a relevant page of information which points to another site.  It is always a one-way link and the text is always unique.  Let me explain why this type of link is absolutely superior to all other forms of backlinks.

The goal of Google and Search engines is to rank pages that are relevant.  Throughout the internet, every time a link goes to your site, that link is casting a "vote" for you.  But what kind of vote is more important?  An advertisement "vote" or an article/content based vote?  Remember that Search Engines ultimately seek to rank sites by content, thus if the majority of links to your site are in the form of advertisements, it will have very little bearing on the overall rank of your site.  The cure to this problem is that the more links to your site that are not in the form of an advertisement, the better.   Additionally, along with ads, blogs and forums are also identified as being a poor source for linking.  So any links to your site that originate from forums, blogs, or advertisements are of little value to boosting you in the search engines.  Now don't get me wrong, they do have some value, but not nearly as much as a natural link would.  A natural link is a much better choice for SEO.

Examples of Natural Links as superior to typical link pages

Here are two pages for you to consider. 

Example One:  Take a look at this page and notice how this typical link page looks, feels, and reads.  Like most other "link" pages on the internet you will typically have a page that is based on a theme, and then contains numerous bullets- each one a few lines containing advertising jargon with an external link.  This format is so obvious it is formulaic, and any search engine worth its salt can easily pick up and identify a "link page" full of ads.  Google knows when a link to your site is coming from an ad.  Identifying an ad is easy for search engines- they all look the same.

Example Two:  Now see how this page is a topical, informative article that contains two outbound links that arise naturally from within the text.  This is a superior link to the first example, as the entire page is a 'content' page that casts a strong 'vote' to an external site.  There are 2 links here, one is at the end of the second paragraph, and the other link is at the bottom of the page.  This page casts a much stronger vote for the external site than anything in the first example.


Because natural links are an entire page of text....(in my example it is several paragraphs, but even 2-3 paragraphs is better than 2-3 lines), and arise naturally from content, they require much more work than a typical ad link.  But if you are serious about promoting your site, then this is the gold standard of back links that you are looking for.

Getting a Natural Link: 

Please use our naturalink request form.