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Wanted: Essays On Psychology And Counseling

If you have written a college level essay on any topic of Psychology, and your work is not found anywhere else on the internet nor is it being sold or has been sold to any other party or internet site....we are interested in buying it from you. We are in great need of any original, non-plagarized work of collegiate level realted to the field of therapy, counseling, and psychology. Your work must be your own, and not for sale anywhere else. If you are interested, please let us know


Opines on Therapy And Counseling

For now, this site is primarily used to muse about topics within the field of psychotherapy and psychology.

We used to have an experiemental model on this site, but now are using it for mental health related musings and articles..if you are curious as to what it was, then I humbly send you to the internet archives where you are entitled to enjoy your research. :)

Now, the entire site is simply devoted to psychology, therapy, and counseling. I am sorry to say this site isn't very "warm" or personal, in fact the information here is quite impersonal and 'heady'....basically academic in nature. A lot of the information here are personal essays on topics related to psychology and psychotherapy. Hopefully...someone out there....anyone.....uhh...just one person perhaps...will find the material here interesting. If you are in need to professional assistance you can find an expert psychotherapist near you, we believe expert therapy is always worth it!

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METHOD: This study was conducted in two distinct stages. Stage I tests the hypothesis that a positive correlation exists in the ability of children to score high on written deductive reasoning tests and their performance in playing games where deduction is necessary in order to maximize score. Stage II tests the hypothesis that competition in performance oriented games where deductive reasoning enhances final score has a positive effect on scores in written deductive reasoning tests. Dependent variables in the study are documented and maintained throughout. Students in the control group and the test group were matched according to age, sex, and scores on an initial written deductive reasoning test. By matching students in each group, subjective and unknown variables that could impact the outcome of the study are minimized. The independent variable in this study is competition.

METHOD:  Computer gaming studies were carried out to generate data pertaining to the existence of a potential correlation between playing massively multiplayer online computer games and a propensity to display antisocial behavior.  A pearson coefficient was theorized to exist and demonstrate a significant correlation between internet addiction or time spent on the computer and results on a psychological test measuring interest in various fantasy related elements, social status, and opinions about various computer games.


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