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Custom Natural Links


Let us do everything for you.....in a complete package.    Just send us your topic, along with your website, and we will create your natural link for you and do all the work.  We charge 89.00 for this complete package, but you will also receive two entire pages of text (enough to fill a full word document, 2 page double spaced 1 inch margins in an article format)...we will write all the text to your satisfaction, make it keyword rich, and embed your website into the content.  Your article will be written by a professional freelance writer.  We will then create the page and put it up on our servers permanently, giving you a very high quality link into your website.  If you are interested in this service, please use our convenient paypal checkout below.

Click to buy our custom Natural Link Authoring Service

Upon payment, send us an email to realm@songwave.com

Include in your email:

  • The topic of the article (we will create a 2 page article in Word)
  • Your website that we should link to and any keywords you want us to use (or just let us discern your keywords for you)

That's all there is to it!  We will do everything else.  Please note that since we will draft your natural link from scratch, please allow us one full week to compose everything and post it on our site.

Once your natural link is posted and you are satisfied with it, it will remain on our site permanently for as long as we are on the internet.  Please note that because posting your information takes our time, once it is posted, we will not be able to make changes.  If you later decide you want to change your natural link, we will charge a 10.00 fee for our time in making the changes.  You will need to send a paypal payment for 10.00 to realm@songwave.com along with a note regarding what you want changed.