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Writing Natural Links



What a natural link should NOT look like:  A natural link should not look like a blog or a forum post.  It should not look like an advertisement.  Blogs use a lot of opinion statements written in the first person like "I dont like this product....but this thing is really cool".  Ads use a lot of exclamation points and terms like "buy now" or "free" or "best" or "cheapest", ect.  Salsemen jargon like that should be totally avoided.  Do not use any words that try to 'sell' anything.  Do not use any exclamation marks.

What a natural link SHOULD look like -

A professional description of a service, being very informative.

An article.  Use wikipedia as an example.  Write an article that informs us about something.  In the article, create one or two references to your site.  The article should be of similar content to what your site is promoting.

An Essay.  Write an essay about something, pretend its for a school class.  It informs, it educates...it enlightens us.  In the essay, create one or two links to your site.  Here is an example.  Note the external links in the second paragraph and at the end.

Very important:
If you create natural links on more than one site, never use the same text twice!  Google hates duplicate content.  What that means is that if you draft a natural link and have us put it up on our site, and sometime later you find another site and want to put up other natural links on the internet, make sure that you never use the same text twice.  Every natural link you put up on the internet should have unique text.  Always.

"I want a natural link, but I don't want to write one"

Not a problem.  We are excellent writers and will do everything for you.  If you want us to write your natural link for you, we will do so.  Please see our custom links package.