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Add Non-Reciprocal Links to Your Site


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Note:  For natural links, the best possible type of link, please use our naturalink request form

Why are non-reciprocal links so important?  These are one way links pointing into your site, and are much better than a typical link exchange.  Backlinks where A-->B and B-->A are not rewarded and even penalized in Google.  Traditional link exchanges are when you link to someone and they link back to you.  That may have worked in the past, but no longer!  Google is too smart for such obvious attempts at rank manipulation.  Not only can such linking provide no benefit, it can also hurt your rankings.  It is now undisputed that the best kind of link into your site is a one way link.  We provide free nonreciprocal backlinks to your site, and this is the internet "gold standard" for keyword ranks.

How Do I Get My One Way Link?

Here is how to get a free link to your site on our site. 
 If you are interested in a full page, one way natural link, then go to our naturalink request form page.  This page is to request basic links only.  Natural links are superior links and by far the best way to go.

STEP ONE:  If you would like your website linked on our site, you need to first create a link on your site that points to one of our sponsor sites. 


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STEP TWO:  Put the link you chose above on your website, using the exact text surrounding the link just as shown above.  The page you choose to put the link on must be reachable from your homepage in 3 clicks or less.

STEP THREE:  Choose a category

  1. Sports & Leisure   
  2. Entertainment & Media
  3. Education
  4. Computers & Technology
  5. Internet
  6. Health
  7. Retail & Business
  8. Financial Services
  9. Travel & Hospitality
  10. Industrial & Manufacturing
  11. Consultant / Coaching
  12. Real Estate
  13. Other

STEP FOUR:  Send an email to us at Realm@songwave.com with the subject "Link Exchange" along with the URL of your webpage with our link, the category of your link, and the promotional text (up to 5 sentences) of your link and site.  You must be sure to send us instructions on how to reach our link on your webpage from your homepage!  It is not enough to just send us the URL, we need to be able to see our link by navigating from your homepage in 3 clicks or less.  That means, from your homepage, we click something...then click something...then click something....at this point we should be able to see on the page one of our links above.  We will add your link immediately, usually within one day.


More About One Way Backlinks

The goal of any search engine is to return the most relevant results to the user.  Those sites that are returned at the top of the list are supposed to be the most important and provide the most information.  Webmasters quickly began a quest to "cheat" their way up the ladder.  One primary formula that search engines employ is to look at how many other sites point to yours.  This tells them, "hey this is an important site" hence high rankings.  At least that was the original notion.  Years ago, in an attempt to circumvent this principle, the concept of "link exchanges" and link farms began.   A typical link exchange is where one person links to you and you link right back to them.  In any case where A points to B and B back to A, it is obvious that a manipulation is being attempted.  Thus, Google matured and no longer gives weight to that type of linking.  Now, its all about one way backlinks....that is, sites that link to you and you do not link back to them.